I'm often asked how I decide what to illustrate. Things around us are there usually for one of two reasons. They either have utility... a neccesity, or they are something that has an emotional value... maybe a keepsake. For instance, I inherited many glass primatives. Glass is difficult to capture, but I like a challenge. And I believe paintings should be a centerpiece to a room, bringing color to liven as well as compliment the surroundings. And everyone loves bing cherries. So this watercolor came into being with the familiarity of cherries set within a simple old glass bowl. 

     If you have an item that you would like to have incorporated into a painting, please call me to discuss. 


     Prints of bing cherries are available:

8" x 10" image with an 11" x 14" mat... $35 + s&h

11" x 14" image with a 16" x 20" mat... $65 = s&h

Watercolors by

Stan Squires





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